Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Some scientists believe that the feeling of discomfort and deterioration of health of people due to the change of air masses and the passage of atmospheric fronts. Atmospheric fronts in meteorology called the transition zone between two different physical properties of air masses.

In the zone front air temperature and atmospheric pressure of air subject to large variation, with values of weather indicators is fairly fast. Thus, the rapid increase of temperature and atmospheric pressure creates an increased burden on the human body.

Biometrologi found that when cooling the oxygen content in air increases, and if warming - is reduced, especially if the warming is accompanied by reduction of atmospheric pressure and increasing humidity. Increasing temperature and pressure occur in the area of the cyclones and atmospheric fronts. The expression of deficiency of oxygen in air is exacerbated by lack of oxygen in patients suffering from cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

When lowering the atmospheric pressure in the gastrointestinal tract gases expand, which causes stretching of organs and the associated discomfort. In addition, at low atmospheric pressure, there is a high standing diaphragm, which can lead to breathing difficulties and complications in the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

For the anticyclone, on the other hand, tend to high atmospheric pressure and small changes in all other weather parameters, including oxygen in the air. Therefore, during the anticyclone, generally, worsening of chronic diseases were observed.

Sometimes one can observe another effect associated with an increased atmospheric pressure. When the atmospheric front of cold air is combined with high pressure oxygen in the air is increased greatly, causing spastic (sosudosuzhivayuschie) reactions in the body. It may feel people are suffering from hypertension, zhelchekamennoy and urolithiasis, spastic colitis. In this period they have increased the probability of occurrence of pain attacks.

To improve the well-meteochuvstvitelnyh people are advised to exercise or sports in the open air, and tempering. Active lifestyle, regular holidays, the observance of good diet, receiving air and sunbathing makes people less meteozavisimym.

If a little oxygen in the air, for example, with warming and lowering the atmospheric pressure, patients with cardiovascular, pulmonary diseases, should commit more than long walks on the air. Improves mood physiotherapy, especially breathing. Gymnastics should be 2-3 times a day, are also encouraged to adopt a tonic, vitamins C, PP, group B. When the deterioration of health need to go to the doctor, who, if necessary, may designate drugs that improve the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, blood supply of domestic bodies.

And now we'll talk about the instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure at home - a barometer. What is a barometer? First of all, it is necessary to buy a barometer meteochuvstvitelnym people suffering from various chronic diseases, in order to always be aware of weather changes. Many believe that in large cities with a developed service weather forecaster, for example, in Moscow, the consumer does not need a barometer. This is a great delusion. Weather forecasters are often wrong in their predictions, despite technically sophisticated equipment that they use. While home digital barometer, whose cost is very low, will help you make a more accurate forecast specifically for your location.

If you're already thinking where to buy a barometer as a gift a man beloved, beloved wife, or parents, have a little wait and read to the end. Barometer, of course, a useful thing, but using it one can not make accurate weather forecasts, as it does not take into account other important indicators: temperature and humidity. To receive all the data about the weather, you need the thermometer, barometer and hygrometer. These 3 instruments are combined in modern devices - home-meteorological stations. Often, they have not only a hygrometer, thermometer and barometer and watch, as well as many useful additional features.